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Our vision therapy optometrists our doctors have been specifically trained to use the following tests, for children and adults.

insight eye doctor Langley vision therapy

Visual rehabilitation is a type of therapy that utilizes advanced visual exercises and other treatments to help visually impaired patients reach their full visual potential.

InSight Optometry and Vision Therapy kids

State-of-the-Art Vision Therapy Services in Langley. Your vision is precious, and if you or a loved one struggles with a visual disability, you are even more aware of how it can impact your daily activities and independence

Eye Exam and Vision Therapy | Eye Exam Near me in Langley BC

During an eye exam, our doctors will ask you questions about any symptoms or issues you are experiencing, medications you are currently taking, any blurry vision, your work environment, and your overall health.

Infant Eye Exams and Vision Therapy Langley | Optometry Near me

For school-age children, it’s important to rule out any vision problems that may impede performance at school, in sports, or at music lessons.

Baby eye exam infant Langley

The Canadian Optometric Association recommends that children have a routine eye examination by 6 months of age. Babies don’t need to speak to be examined. Seeing an eye doctor is the only way to be sure your baby has healthy eyes and normal vision development.

Eye Glasses Contact Lenses

We are experts at helping you find eyewear Eye Glasses & Contact Lenses that best suits your child and choosing the best lens options.

Contact lenses InSight Optometry Langley

Insight Optometry & Vision Care will discuss your needs in new contact lenses and ensure you have the prescription that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

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