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Your child’s vision is important to you. It’s important to us, too!

Our Children’s Eye Exams

In addition to an assessment of eyesight (vision exam) and eye health (eye exam), at InSight Optometry & Vision Therapy a comprehensive eye exam includes:

  • eye movement skills
  • focusing ability
  • eye alignment
  • visual thinking skills like:
    • depth perception
    • hand-eye coordination
    • visual spatial skills

For school-age children, it’s important to rule out any vision problems that may impede performance at school, in sports, or any other extra curricular activities.

Exams include advice on proper study habits to increase performance and avoid vision problems.

Your child does not need to read or even speak to have an eye exam.

For babies and toddlers, a vision exam should be done early as eye health concerns and vision problems such as strabismus and amblyopia can be detected early and managed to avoid a lifetime of vision loss.

We recommend that all children have their eyes checked by 6 months of age and yearly thereafter.

What you should know before you arrive:

  • Children’s exams usually take 30 minutes and run more smoothly with only one child in the room with the parent.
  • Consider your child’s energy levels when scheduling appointments to ensure they’re at their most alert and content at exam time.
  • To ensure that the inner eye is healthy, we sometimes use dilating eye drops. Most children handle this with minimal fuss.
  • Your child’s BC Care Card covers a portion of the professional fees.
  • We offer complimentary referral for medical consults.
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