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Whether shopping for your child’s first eye glasses, a second pair for backup, or a trendy pair for yourself, you want value for your money. Visit our dispensary to see our select lines of eyewear for kids and adults. We specialize in fashionable eyeglasses from babies to adults.

At Insight, we can supply top quality glasses from the most respected eyeglass brands, including Under Armour, Tom Ford, Step[per, Sketchers, Ray-Ban, Polaroid, Nike, Nano, Lacoste, Kliink, Kate Spade, and more.  We make sure you have the comfort and the look you want.

Your child’s vision is extremely important for their success in any activity. Both the look and feel of their eyeglasses are critical to ensure compliance with wear. We are experts at helping you find eyewear that best suits you or your child and choosing the best lens options to suit their prescription. Our frame lines are chosen for their durability and value.

We believe in frequent maintenance and adjustment of eyewear to ensure long life and comfort.  We offer free eyeglass adjustments and minor repairs.

Thinking about contact lenses? We also offer professional contact lens fitting for all ages. They are a safe and affordable alternative to eyeglasses or refractive surgery.  Whether in single vision or bifocal contact lenses, we have been impressed with the health benefits and comfort of the latest generation silicone-hydrogel contact lenses and these are the majority of the lenses we use. They are available in 1-day, 2-week, and 4-week replacement schedules. Though the lens materials used are very safe, we encourage frequent monitoring of the lens fit to ensure the best in eye health.

Most children from age 9 and older can be taught to insert, remove, and care for their contact lenses. Younger children may be successful as well, with a little help. After an initial lens selection by the doctor, we train you and your child to use contact lenses properly and you are sent home with trial lenses and care solutions. Over a few days or weeks you’ll practice the contact lens routine and experience the wearing of them. At follow up, the fit of the lenses, vision, and eye health are evaluated. The contact lenses are either prescribed at that point or we may select another lens to try. Our trial lenses are used for all fitting before a contact lens prescription is finalized and you purchase your own supply. We are very careful and our expectations of success are high so a proper contact lens fitting may take several visits.

Our pricing on retail contact lenses is competitive and they are available for pickup or delivery to your home. Remember that contact lenses are medical devices and while no longer a legal requirement, we ask to see a current contact lens prescription before dispensing.

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