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Does your child struggle with homework or have an identified learning problem, attention challenge, or behavior difficulty?

Two thirds of all brain connections involve vision. Problems with eye movements, focusing, eye alignment, and visual processing skills can all cause or contribute to learning and behavior challenges.

A Vision and Learning Assessment at InSight is a comprehensive evaluation of visual input, processing, and output skills. The assessment identifies any learning-related vision problems that may be hindering performance.

It includes:
• review of previous professional assessments
• full battery of optometric and psychometric vision testing
• eye health assessment
• report with recommendations for use by educators and other professionals
• post-examination consultation with parents
• consultation/referral with other professionals when indicated

You should know
• Visual efficiency and visual perceptual tests are usually scheduled on the same day.
• Each sitting can take one to two hours so it may be best to leave other children at home.
• Adults with reading or learning problems can also benefit.
• We provide full visual perceptual assessments in cases of acquired brain injury.

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